Since the first Lexus was offered for sale in 1989, Lexus has enjoyed unprecedented success-driven by a commitment to continuous improvement in vehicle design as well as customer care. Vision USA has played a central role throughout this journey, helping Lexus dealers find ways to keep their facilities on the leading edge of the retail automotive experience.
The purpose of Vision USA? To provide a comprehensive approach to developing premier Lexus dealership facilities that exceed Lexus customers' expectations.
Vision USA is administered by the Lexus Dealer Facilities Design Department that offers professional design and consulting services. Our expertise extends to every facet of dealer facility planning, from designing and building an all-new dealership from the ground up to updating and expanding an existing facility in response to growing market demand.
The Lexus Approved Dealer Equipment facilitator, Snap-on Business Solutions, offers “custom facility design” – a one-stop shop for your fixed operations planning and design needs. Custom facility design includes:
  • Initial Consultation
  • Collaborative planning with architects and contractors
  • Installation and long-term support
These services assures compatibility with Lexus requirements for Service Department layout and an equipment selection to assure that your Service Department and equipment are optimized for efficient productivity.
Custom facility design also provides customized CAD drawings, performance-critical equipment recommendation and installation, extended equipment warranties, equipment training for technicians and post-sale service support. Having a custom facility design can result in higher profits, customer satisfaction, technician retention, productivity and efficiency.
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