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Automatic Transmission Cooler System Cleaner from G-Tec
Price: $3,102.84


G-Tec's Heated Automatic Transmission (A/T) Cooler System Cleaner includes a full set of Toyota/Lexus adapters and a checkable, reusable Oberg filter. The Toyota/Lexus adapters allow the G-Tec Cooler System Cleaner to clean virtually every automatic transmission cooler system used in Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The 28 micron checkable Oberg filter captures debris for technician analysis and customer review. It can be cleaned for re-use.


  • Spin on Absorption Filters - low-cost non-bypass automotive filters are magnetically charged to trap ferrous metals
  • Toyota/Lexus Adapter Set - supports servicing of most A/T's including puck style coolers
  • Air Injection System - shoots air into the lines for 75% more cleaning capability - also simplifies clean up
  • Manual Reverse Valve - allows heated ATF to flow forward or backward as long as necessary in either direction to clean the cooler system fully
  • Auto-controlled Immersion Heater - maintains the fluid at the optimum temperature for cleaning the cooler system
  • 1750 p.p.m. Pulsating Pump - pulsation agitates the dirty residue like a washing machine - G-Tec's cleaner pulsates at a much higher rate than other cleaning units
  • 5 g.p.m. Flowmeter - indicates a blockage or restriction in the lines or the need to change the filter
  • Tool Tray - holds all the adapters onboard in a convenient and easy to reach topside carrier
  • Fluid Purge Valve - allows the first pint or two of very dirty fluid to be purged out which extends the life of the spin on filters
  • Uses up to 8 quarts OE ATF for cleaning - no other fluids or additives are required!


  • GTHTTCFP5 Puck Adapter
  • GTHTTCFP5A Puck Adapter
  • GTHTTCFP5B Puck Adapter
  • GTHTTCFP5C Puck Adapter
  • GTHTTCFP5D Puck Adapter
  • GTHTTCFD5  Non-puck Style Adapter, 15mm female threaded style lines
  • GTHTTCFD4 Non-puck Style Adapter, 13 mm female threaded style lines
  • GTHTTCFH3 Non-puck Style Adapter, hose barb style lines
  • GTHTTCFB2 Non-puck Style Adapter, Banjo style lines 14mm+ style lines


13 months

Product Specification

Tank Capacity10 gallons
Tank MaterialAll-steel / powder-coated
Motor1/2 hp / commercial-grade power
Pump1750 p.p.m.
Flow Meter5 g.p.m.
Wheel Size10" diameter

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