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Any type of facility action, whether it is a new building, re-model, or just minor configuration changes, all consume a lot of resources. To get as quick a return on your investment as possible, you want that action to provide your dealership with the most productive environment possible. Before you get started, for best results, design your service department, parts department, and/or collision center for maximum productivity.
The Toyota Approved Dealer Equipment program fully supports dealer facility actions utilizing our Productivity By Design process. Productivity By Design is just that – designs that are productivity focused. The productivity solutions are founded on Toyota design disciplines which are key when beginning your Image USA II project.
Snap-on Business Solutions Regional Account Managers are trained to follow to the Productivity By Design process to ensure your facility action project exceeds your productivity expectations. Call 800-368-6787 and ask for a Regional Account Manager. They are here to support you with all your facility planning needs.
Image USA II
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