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ECO ULTRA PLUS 1 Spray Booths



Engineered for maximum energy savings and increased productivity!
Full range of spray booths available for body shops of all sizes


  • Full downdraft spray booth airflow during spray and curing cycles through the patented Controlled Air Flow ceiling with angled light fixtures
    — Main flow zone concentrates airflow in a protective curtain around the car
    — Main flow zone effectively removes overspray
    — Side flow zones circulate air away from the walls and wall lights
    — Angled ceiling lights, wall lights and available corner lights eliminate shadows for better overall illumination, especially during clear coat application
  • Dual skin insulated panel construction
    — Smooth fit and finish give impressive overall appearance and minimize areas where overspray and dust could collect
    — Insulated design reduces noise inside the booth and in the surrounding shop area
    — Insulated design reduces ambient heat outside booth
  • White pre-coated galvanized steel
    — White coating diffuses light better than uncoated steel, reduces reflections and glare
    — Weld-free construction prevents rusting and improves booth strength
  • Single- or three-row pit exhaust system or optional raised platform
    — Pre-engineered pit design properly balances airflow
    — Air is drawn more evenly over the vehicle and pit
  • Wide 10' heavy-duty, 4-wing entrance door with observation windows
    — Large opening for easy entry, heavy-duty hinges, solid construction
    — Side access door with observation window can be moved to accommodate different booth layouts
  • Twelve 6-tube inside-accessible ETL listed angled light fixtures with energy efficient electronic ballasts
  • Booth is designed to accept fire suppression system
  • AdvanceCure™ Accelerated Airflow System for faster curing in hard-to-reach areas works with solvent-based and waterborne coatings
  • 6-tube corner light fixtures

ULTRA Recirculating Heat System
ETL Listed industrial air heater

  • High efficiency direct-fired system with recirculating cure mode
    — Maintains consistent year-round temperatures
    — Increases productivity by using a ‘cure’ cycle to provide faster and better finishes than air drying
    — Pressurizes the booth to reduce dust entry from outside environment
  • Direct-drive motors
    — No belts or pulleys to maintain
    — More efficient performance
  • Monoblock exhaust and intake unit
    — Exhaust and intake systems are integrated into one unit
    — Matched intake and exhaust fans provide balance to the air system
  • Fueled by natural gas or propane (oil fuel version is optional)
  • Multi-stage filtration system extends booth filter life
    — Fresh air is filtered before heating
    — Recirculated air is filtered before reentering the booth
    — Post-filters prevent overspray from reaching the fans
  • Exhaust duct for 15' ceiling
  • Key locked main control panel door to prevent non-authorized access
  • User-friendly, remote control panel with digital display
  • SmartCure™ accelerated drying system reduces cure times (available with direct-fired groups only).
    Variable frequency drives

Energy Efficient Features

  • Lighting — electronic light ballasts reduce energy consumption
  • Insulated walls — reduce heat loss to outside environment
  • Variable frequency drives provide smooth motor start-up and significantly reduce power consumption
  • High efficiency turbofans provide more velocity with less effort


1 year parts and labor

NOTE: Call 1-800-368-6787 to arrange for an on-site consultation for Global Finishing Solutions ECO ULTRA Plus 1 spray booth.

Product Specifications

  • Typical Internal Dimensions: 14'W x 9'H x 27'L
  • Lengths Available: From 24' to 81' and longer for high-production applications
  • Typical External Dimensions: 14'5"W x 11'H x 27'5"L