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Vision 100 Headlamp Aimer

Item Number: AMA82005    Supplier: AMERICAN AIMERS INC


The Hoppy Vision 100 Photometric Headlight Aimer has received the prestigious Innovation Tools Award sponsored by Professional Tool and Equipment News. It was selected by a panel of shop owners and technicians all of whom are Certified Master Technicians. The criteria for the selection include uniqueness, improvement over existing products, time saving ability and cost.

The Hoppy Vision 100 Photometric Headlamp Aimer is the result of a concentrated effort by Hoppy to develop a state of the art photometric aimer that is affordable, easy to use and will aim all D.O.T approved headlamps

The Vision 100 is approved for use in all states and Provinces. It is also approved for all state Inspection programs including Maryland and Virginia.


  • Meets SAE J-600 standard
  • Will accurately aim all North American lamps, standard or aerodynamic, large or small, with or without aiming pads, and even fog lights
  • Easy to use:
    1. Turn on unit
    2. Align the aimer to the vehicle
    3. Align the headlamp to the aimer
    4. Aim the lamp
  • Completely portable - uses rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries
  • Viewing port - lets the operator see the lamp patterns
  • Floor slope adjustments - provides a way to determine and compensate for floor slope
  • Track included - lets operator move from side to side with ease
  • LCD digital display
  • Front center uses photo diodes to accurately locate the the optical center of lamp


  • AMA82057 Dust Cover
  • AMA482009 Laser Target 100 Pad
  • AMA482068 Owner Manual Vision 100
  • AMA482056 Alignment Track
  • AMA482058 Charger Vision 100
  • AMA482082 Floor Slope Adjuster  


One year on aimer. 90 day limited on accessories.