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Vacutec WV711-Plus All-In-One Smoke Machine

Item Number: UVUWV711PLUS    Supplier: CPS PRODUCTS INC


 Vacutec WV711-Plus All-In-One Smoke Machine


  • The only OEM-approved all-in-one smoke machine.
    • Test for EVAP (13 inches water or 32.4 mbar) or high pressure from 3 to 20 p.s.i. (0.2 bar to 1.38 bar) all from the same portable machine.
  • Built-in safety feature
    • Prevents high pressure in EVAP system
    • Eliminates potentially unsafe analog pressure-setting mistakes
  • Digital pinpoint accuracy
    • ?Displays leak size, pressure in psi/bar, pressure/vacuum decay and flow
    • No fumbling with analog regulators
  • No need to purchase two machines.  Can be used with air or nitrogen. Includes STAR Technology.
  • All Digital Display
    • Pressure Test (positive & negative* pressure)
    • Pressure Decay Test (positive & negative* pressure)
    • Flow Test (positive pressure)
  • Pulsing Low Flow Selection in EVAP mode to reduce smoke flow
  • *Negative Pressure in EVAP mode only
  • All System Testing:   EVAP, Cooling, Crankcase and PCV, Differential, Gear Box, EGR, Exhaust (including Diesel Aftertreatment), Induction (normally aspirated; Turbo and Supercharged), Passenger Compartment (wind noise and/or water leaks), Ride Control (pneumatic), Vacuum Control; any system that can be sealed can be tested for system integrity with the Smart Pressure Plus™
  • Safety - The only smoke technology that can be used with nitrogen for safer EVAP testing.
    • ?As required in the U.S. by the EPA.
    • As required in Europe by major liability insurance companies.
    • As recommended internationally by SAE international peer-reviewed published papers.


One year

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 13"
  • Weight: 28 lbs.